Filplast respects nature, limits waste, reduces its environmental impact.

The preservation of the world in which we live concerns our life and the life of the generations to come.

That’s How Filplast is committed to optimizing resources and limiting the impact of its products on the environment.

Fine powders emission

25 times lower to the allowed limit.

No waste of water

we do not use water during production or packaging.

95% recyclable products

our products included their relative packaging can be 95% recycled

Help us reduce waste by differentiating correctly!

You can throw the metal structure of our home accessories in the separate collection for metals. The coating will be removed and the metal recycled. Our metal raw materials are 85% recycled in case of aluminum and 72% in case of steel wire.

Plastic accessories and protective film of our dryers are 100% recyclable in the common plastic collection.

The paper and cardboard packaging must be disposed of in the appropriate container.

Our packaging consists entirely and exclusively of previously recycled paper.