Ad Hoc design

When designing our items, we are particularly attentive to your use needs.

Compatible logistics

We provide intermodal delivery solutions to meet the needs of each country.

Attention to the customer

The demands of our customers are the basis of our design and production processes.

Filplast for the customers

The main quality of FILPLAST is that it is a products manufacturer for the large-scale retail trade, with the customer’s brand. The sensitivity to customer requests and the continuous study of the market represent a concrete guarantee of support for all phases of the product’s life.

This approach allows us to be privileged interlocutors of organized large-scale distribution, but at the same time imposes on us responsibility as manufacturers, in knowing how to identify and meet the needs and expectations of direct and indirect customers, as well as extreme production flexibility.

Filplast has always studied its customers needs, carefully analyzes them and, therefore, proposes solutions capable of responding market needs. The research and development activity is, in this perspective, fundamental for being able to satisfy the customer needs. It is carried out by a team of engineers who, using sophisticated 3D modeling and printing software, are able to respond very quickly to customer requests.

With Filplast you can customize your products


We offer a wide range of products that cover every need. Each of our drying rack is designed to offer maximum functionality and robustness. We guarantee each item in our catalog for a minimum of 2 years.


In addition to our catalog large offer, the costumer is given the possibility to modify each product. In case of special needs we will be happy to welcome and satisfy your requests to create together items that meet every need.


You can choose to customize your order with every possible combination of the pantone scale. We will match metal and polymer parts that make up our home accessories to give life to your ideas. The combinations are endless.


In order to satisfy the need for a complete range, we have various types of material available. Aluminum and steel with variable thicknesses for the structure and polymers from high density PP to glass filled polymers to offer a product resistant to everything.

tons of iron per year
tons of PE coating
automated production lines
up to 6 million pieces produced per year